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Coming up is a coaching call with a listener who has 1.7 million downloads for his period tracker app. You will discover how he can rank higher for his most desired keywords, my suggestions on his app icon and screen shots and how to optimize your app name and subtitle for optimal growth.

Show Notes

Ranker Higher for Desired Keywords

I suggested that one easy way to rank higher is to call the app “Period Tracker Plus Ovulation”.  For black hat strategies, one way is to get reviews with key words “period tracker” in them.

In this call, we leveraged on AppAnnie and learned that “pregnancy” is in the app’s subtitle but it is ranking 953 in this word. On the other hand, “period calendar” has ranked his app on 32. So the way I would re-optimize the app name would be to use Period Tracker Plus as the app name and then in the subtitle, I would use Period Calendar. He is already ranking well in it so all he needs to do is to put them together for greater optimization.

Suggestions on App Icon and Screenshots

I suggested cleaning up the screenshots but mentioned to make the badges with social proof bigger. Look through reviews as well to find out what they are saying. Use those words and repeat it back to your users.For the icons, I suggested using different colors as Shane was using the same color palettes.


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