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PetBot - Misko Dzamba

PetBot – Misko Dzamba


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About the Episode

Are you looking to create your first physical product? Well today’s guest reveals the step by step process he used to create and then raise over $80,000 for his smart pet monitor on IndieGoGo. Also, listen to how he learned about the importance of marketing and design from failing at his initial crowdfunding campaign.

Misko Dzamba is Sr. Software Engineer at Atomwise and Co Founder at PetBot Inc.

Show Notes

Step By Step Process on the Creation of a Product and Its Eventual Success 

What started out as a pet lover’s concern for the welfare of his dog, became an amazing enterprise that has so far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Misko just wanted to make his dog happy while he out at work. He started with setting up cameras in the house, then a camera with his voice calling his dog, then a box that dispenses treats, then added audio to the box so the dog will know a treat is about to be dispensed. A friend wanted to buy it and this was the birth pangs of PetBot. It worked like a dream but Misko wanted something more. Eventually, he came up with the kickstarter version of PetBot, a monstrosity of steel that dispenses treats. It was a flop from the word “Go!” because of its lack of aesthetics. Misko decided to spruce up its appearance but eventually ended hiring an industrial designer team to improve the look of the product. PetBot has come a long way from its original look but its current appearance is definitely bringing in the sales.

The Importance of Marketing and Design

The mindset of practical people about functionality and users will buy a product because it is useful and functional will not always hold water. People like good design, so a gross shiny steel box will always be inferior to a smooth and polished oak box no matter that it will probably outlast the oak box by several generations. If that box will be in the house, constantly seen by everyone, chances are the box with the beautiful finish will be the choice each time.

There is also another mindset that believes marketing is unnecessary if the product is good enough. Their point is sound except that nobody will know it is a good product if nobody knows about its existence. Thus marketing will always be necessary and this is the reason why businesses spend millions in advertisement.

Show Mentions

IndieGoGo Campaign

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