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Nice Mohawk - Ben Lachman

Nice Mohawk – Ben Lachman

Magnetism Studios - Joshua Keay

Magnetism Studios – Joshua Keay


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About the Episode

How do you decide if you your app will actually help you build a sustainable business? Well today’s guests share their story of how to build an app that fulfills an actual need and how they’ve managed to build a sustainable software business. Also, if you are looking to collaborate on an app, then listen to their advice on how to find the right partnership.

Ben Lachman is the Co-founder of Nice Mohawk.

Joshua Keay is the President of Magnetism Studios.

Show Notes

An App for Building a Sustainable Business

Our guests share that you have to determine if your app can answer a fundamental need if you want to build a sustainable business. Their app, for example, which focuses in expanding phone use is identifying a real need because a cellphone defines civilization nowadays and people are looking to maximize its use all the time. So the statistical likelihood of success is much higher than an app that simply caters to an ephemeral want.

Joshua’s key to sustainable business is in building a lot of apps. Some may be indie and others built in large-scale and he acknowledges that not all will work but the ones that will, will subsidize the ones that won’t.

Finding the Right Partner to Collaborate With

Find people whose values are aligned with your own values. Most truths sound like clichés but the reality is, you want to work with good people. Rather than choosing people because you perceive them as useful, go for people you enjoy being with, someone you actually want to be friends with. Avoid being too opportunistic and always looking out on how it will benefit you. Develop friends because they are enjoyable, because they are real and because they share your values.

What advice can you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Ben: Go with Mac apps, they are easier to sell.

Joshua: Ask yourself this question: If you are to start something that will never earn you a dime, will you still do it? If the answer is “yes”, then it will help you know where your priorities are.

Show Mentions

– Joshua’s fav app: iBooks: (iTunes)

– Ben’s fav app: Rapchat: (iTunes)

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