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PhrasePop - Varun Goel

PhrasePop – Varun Goel


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About the Episode

Are you struggling with app store optimization? Well today’s guest breaks down his entire process and shows us how he increased downloads by 143%. Also, listen to the tip that he gives about finding the keywords that will have the most impact on your downloads.

Varun Goel is the creator of Phrase Pop.

About PhrasePop

Imagine that moment when Usain Bolt or Apu (from a widely popular animated series) is on TV, and your attempt to mimic these famous accents is worse than your recent attempt at Gangnam style remixes. Well, now there is hope!

Phrase Pop brings you funny phrases in authentic accents from around the world – Jamaica, India, Scotland and more!

Use Phrase Pop to improve your accent, show off the latest cool app on your phone to your friends, or just listen to these famous phrases on repeat. It’s all your choice.


• 4 FREE voice packs namely Jamaican, Indian, Scottish & Canadian

• 2 Premium voice packs namely Australian & African American

• 1 Bonus voice pack when you buy any of the premium voice packs

• Each voice pack comes packed with 8 popular phrases in authentic accents

• Apply to be a voice actor for Phrase Pop if you have the voice which can represent a region or accent

• Tweet & share Phrase Pop with your friends

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