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Michael Cole


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About the Episode

Today’s guest was running out of cash for his previous company, Fit Brains, before a meeting with an investor friend completely turned the company around and was later acquired by Rosetta Stone in 2013. He shares his advice on selling your company, business development, fund raising and why stamina and consistency are keys to being a successful entrepreneur.

Michael Cole is Co-founder & CEO at Picniic.

Show Notes

Rosetta Stone & Fit Brains

Michael Cole founded a company called Fit Brains, that primarily does what it says on its title, it exercises your brain with puzzles and games, he sold it in 2013 to Rosetta Stone, but he stayed as their GM and VP. Rosetta Stone is a global education technology software company.

Michael Cole’s Formula To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Stamina and consistency are two of the things that Michael Cole believes what make up a successful entrepreneur. Consistency is needed to be able to push through on plans and get things done and the stamina, to actually meet the goals you’ve set for yourself and of course being able to balance family life and run a company at the same time.. He believes family is very important, being a husband and a father of two, which is also why he co-founded his current company, Picniic.

In a nutshell, Picniic is an app that helps manage home life in today’s technological age.

How To Sell Your Company And What To Do To Sell It

Whether or not your company is doing well and you want to sell it, Michael Cole gives us some insight on what he did to sell his company to one of the biggest names in the web space and how we was able to do it. Listen to the podcast to find out what he did to sell his previous company, why he stayed as their GM and VP and what he did first thing after selling his company.

Show Mentions

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