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Coming up is a coaching call on how to perform ASO for a game on Google Play. You will discover outside the box ASO strategies, what impacts keyword rankings on Google Play and how to name your app when it’s in a competitive category.

Ashwin Chandrasekhar is the creator of Pics to Word.

Show Notes

Outside the Box ASO Strategies

If you have a word game, think through what other things people would search for. Words like word guessing, sentence builder, picture might be too general and aggressive in terms of competition so think a little bit outside of the box. If you have fruit game, for example, try naming it as Banana Ninja (after checking the data for this keyword) rather than Fruit Ninja so it’s not too general as you will rank for it better. Since you have bananas in your app anyway, reorganize your app name and it’s these subtle changes that make the difference.

Do not copy what you put in your app name in your short description. Think through exactly what you need

ASO for a Game on Google Play

On Google Play, I have noticed that Sensor Tower had more data when it comes to traffic. I looked at ad words to get a sense of which ones had more traffic and it coincided with Sensor Tower’s information. The downside is that Mobile Action has more data when it comes to difficulty so you need to choose and cross reference. Once you find your keywords using these tools, target them to make it work for you. Unless you are driving acquisition some other way, you are not going to be ranked for these key words if you do not have enough reviews or downloads.




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