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Pikazo - Noah Rosenberg

Pikazo – Noah Rosenberg


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About the Episode

Today’s guest talks about the importance of finding and building a product for your “everyone” and shares a strategic method to creating products and services that customers want. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares why being on EOFire was a low point in his entrepreneurial journey.

Noah Rosenberg is Co-Founder and Partner at Pikazo.

Show Notes

Strategic Method in Creating Products and Services that Customers Want

One of the key things when you are pursuing studio fundamentals in painting or drawing is that the first step to anything is to look and to see.  80% of your time should be spent looking, studying and analyzing objectively and be able to breakdown the ‘thingness’ of it. You have the ability to see thing categorically but you should be able to take a step back and process what’s really going on.

To put this in business and marketing perspective, you have to step back away from what everyone is talking about and analyze what’s going on and what it is that you are really seeing. Remove yourself from the equation and ask questions such as, Why does this certain people have all these fans? How can I reproduce what’s working for this person and how will that fit in in what I’m doing? Should I understand why people should be interested in what I’m doing? What can I offer to people?

Why Being on EOFire was a Low Point in his Entrepreneurial Journey

Noah was pumped when he got invited in the podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, and at the end of the interview, he felt good and excited about being in the show especially when the host mentioned that he is exactly the type of guest that they wanted to have.

When he got off the podcast and turned his phone on, he got a message that his grandfather had passed away while he was doing the interview. One minute he was ecstatic, the next was sorry. With these experiences, he shares that being an entrepreneur is often the best and the worst day of your life. The highs and lows have the same intensity and the roller coaster is so exaggerated so he sticks to practicing the right mindset to be able to survive.

Show Mentions

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