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Today’s guest is the Head of Mobile Marketing at Pixel Federation, makers of top games such as Diggy’s Adventure and Seaport. You will discover the soft launch process that has led the company to tremendous success, what new ad formats are working today and how they managed to find success on the Amazon platform.

Matej Lancaric is the Former Head of Mobile Marketing at Pixel Federation.

Show Notes

Ultimate Guide to Soft Launch

According to Matej before Diggy’s Adventure success, they did a soft launch for a month and examined the initial numbers. After finding out that Day One retention is only 10% and that the game has over a minute of loading time, they made the necessary changes.

They continued the soft launch in six months and eventually improved the game’s KPIs. Soft launch was a long process for them as they continued getting feedback from the players and tested it in different marketing channels. They improved the game test marketing channels before they made a hard launch.

New Ad Formats that Work Today

The team tested a number of formats including carousel static image, square form videos landscape and canvas ad format, which worked well for them. A canvas ad format is like a small landing page where you can put all your creative assets like videos, carousel text and buttons and run this with the video.

How They Succeeded in Amazon

The group teamed up with Amazon by running wake screen campaigns. This shows the ad on Amazon devices when they are locked and with this, they were able to scale almost 200,000 per month which is impossible to achieve on Facebook combined with other channels.

They also used Facebook, Chartboost, Vungle and Adcolony to drive more traffic through Amazon. For Facebook, they targeted people with Kindle Fire devices.

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