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You’re about to discover how today’s guest increased his ad revenue by simply removing his banner ads. Plus, he shares the messaging that they use to get better engagement with their video ads, how to plan your ad monetization roll out and finallym why you better have a tracking system in place before you start.

Vincent Meyer is CMO at Zeno Media.

Show Notes

How Removing Banner Ads Can Help Increase Revenue

Removing bottom banner ads can help you make more from your other ad units. Vincent and his team did this and it increased their overall revenue and CPN by 40%. This works because people will buy that placement because it’s much cheaper. Let’s say you are going to buy 10 of those placements for the price of one ad for $250. If they buy those 10 placements, you will be doing good.

Shut down the bottom banner and re-shift all the traffic on a more high-valued format. In this way, you’re going to end up getting much more money.

How to Use Better Engagement With Video Ads

Using videos is effective as pre-roll monetization because it has a very high engagement and it’s a feature presentation. With this, you can get the advertisers in front of the audience.

For better engagement, at the end of the ad, ask the users to give their feedback on the ad in terms of relevance, language and if they have anything to say about the product. Their feedback can be added value to the advertisers and may give you an idea to get higher CPM and higher revenue for those placements.

Why Tracking System is Necessary Before You Start

It’s exciting to jumpstart your new venture without a tracking system or analytics, but this is actually necessary for your success. You should set high-level goals before you implement a new monetization.

Make sure that you have your team look at the number and you focus on metrics that can actually impact not just the top-level metrics.

Show Mention

– Google Analytics:(iTunes | Google Play)
– Fav app: Spotify: (iTunes | Google Play)



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