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Play n Learn Apps - Deborah Mossman

Play n Learn Apps – Deborah Mossman


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About the Episode

Coming up is the story of how a preschool teacher went on to build an app business with over 1.5 million downloads in its first year. Also, listen to her ninja tips on how to promote your Udemy course.

Deborah Mossman is the co-founder at Play n Learn Apps.

Show Notes

Tips in Building an App with Millions of Downloads 

  1. Know yourself and know what you can do. Deborah is a preschool teacher who passionately believes in learning. She is a technical person who finds it easy to build websites but knows she has no passion for coding. Armed with this self-knowledge, Deborah researched on what she has to learn, learned what she could and accordingly aligned her ability and interest with the app she eventually made.
  2. Know your target. Pick a target that you have experience with and know what they like and need. Deborah picks children as her target because she has taught preschoolers for years. She is familiar with their abilities, interests and attention span.
  3. Align your product accordingly. Deborah’s passion is teaching and her work experience is all about teaching. Thus, her app business has apps that are inherently : a)easy to handle — apps do not require too much coding or updating; b) user friendly –easily searchable by just using the most obvious keywords; and c) clearly suitable for kids — simple enough for children to understand and navigate.

Promoting Udemy Courses 

Deborah recommends being active in IM when promoting Udemy courses because in IM, an app builder looking to promote her app can find a niche here. She also recommends posting Udemy courses on Warrior Forum because it is always a great place to find money-making ideas for apps.  It also helps if your Udemy course  is chosen to be the featured Warrior Special Offer (WSO) of the day  because Warrior Forum counts its members in the millions.  Being featured as the WSO of the day gave Deborah’s Udemy courses ahead start and continued the momentum.

What advice would you give anyone looking to build an app?

The time is now to build an app because small developers still have the capacity to do the app by themselves, market the app by themselves, put up the app by themselves. Some day, big businesses will come in and it will not be as easy.

Show Mentions

Udemy Courses

– Site: App Maker Studio

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