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PlayScreen-William D. Volk

PlayScreen-William D. Volk


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About the Episode

Today’s guest has been in the gaming space since 1979 and he talks about the evolution of games and what is working today. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the constraints of mobile games and how you can use it to achieve success in mobile gaming.

William Volk is CMO at Tricerat and CCO at PlayScreen.

Show Notes

The Evolution of Games

So much has changed in the gaming industry but there are also things which haven’t. In the past, developers created the games that they loved, cared about their creations and made the best of them as possible. As the mobile industry grew, the games grew as well. By the late 80s, game developers had gone from building 32KB- games to building 768 MB ones and it was huge leap during that time. The app industry has also evolved from being controlled by mobile phone companies when Apple broke the mold. William believes that the classic game industry is about to have a hard time transitioning from pay to play, as was their experience when they didn’t focus on the monetization side of things.

Constraints you willFace in the Mobile Game Industry

There are lots of constraints in the mobile industry but if you get to understand these constraints, you can actually make it work. It is a very competitive world so the number one thing that you need to accept is the possibility that you will not succeed. Low budget, the fact the paid apps are very hard to pull off, piracy and the steep advertising prices are examples of constraints that you will encounter. To get over these, you can work on search engine optimization and building a buzz through social media.

Show Mentions

Reflections on Five Years of iOS Gaming

– Fav app: Tiny Wings: (iTunes)

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