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Podcast Movement - Dan Franks

Podcast Movement – Dan Franks


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About the Episode

Have you been considering creating a podcast of your own? Well today’s guest talks about the power of a niche podcast and what his podcast has done for his entrepreneurial career. Also, if you’re wondering what it takes to put on a conference then you’ll want to listen to how he did even though he had no experience.

Dan Franks is the Co-Founder of Podcast Movement.

Show Notes

Our guest today is helping brew a great national podcast conference to look forward to which anyone – from the beginner who is just weighing the idea of starting a podcast to the seasoned podcaster looking to learn more –can be a part of. Set to happen in mid-August in Austin, Texas, let’s learn more about the Podcast Movement through its co-founder, Dan Franks.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Dan:

  • Being able to build his own platform, going from nothing to something, building his connections and all the things that podcasting has done for him so far,
  • How it felt being featured as one of the top business podcasts by iTunes,
  • The first steps they took after deciding to build a podcast and the thinking behind picking their unique format,
  • How pro wrestling trained him in terms of exposure, how it contributed to his online business and the things he learned inside the ring which can be translated to business,
  • Never being afraid to ask help from somebody else and other takeaways he learned in arranging the Podcast Movement conference,
  • Validating their idea, gauging market interest and getting to their financial goals met in less than 24 hours through Kick starter, and
  • How they landed the big names for the conference.

I encourage everyone who is interested in podcasting, regardless of level of experience, to join this conference as you will find great content and value which could change you and your business tremendously. Dan is gracious to give us 15% off of ticket rates so grab this chance and check this conference out!

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Songza: (iTunes)

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