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Coming up is the presentation from our App Masters Connect Vegas with Pollen VC’s founder Martin Macmillan. You will discover how to accelerate your app’s growth with their platform along with a very cool financial forecasting tool to help you determine your app’s success.

Martin Macmillan is the CEO and Co-Founder at Pollen VC.

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Accelerating Your App’s Growth with Pollen

For apps who have good metrics and who are ready to scale, Pollen provides capital by advancing money to developers against the money due from the App Store receipts. Basically, you can get money as quickly as you are earning it, even in a daily basis, so you can use it towards user acquisition. They came up with this as the problem that they saw was that, developers were generating revenues in the App Store but they do not have visibility over it for 30, 60, or even 90 days. In between that, you have to continue hustling your way to grow your business so you have two options: raise equity for user acquisition or you can go to Pollen where cash is there for a revenue share.

The Financial Forecaster Tool

This is a free, simple, online tool that everyone can use to determine if an app is highly potential or not. To get the LTV, the tool takes into consideration which platform/s you are monetizing on, install cost, opt out, marketing budget, and retention curve. The great thing about it is that, it’s not just machine algorithm or IA-enabled chatter – its real, practical, logical mathematics.

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