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Today’s guest is an indie app developer that you’re going to love.

He shares how he finds profitable app ideas and positions them in a competitive market, plus two strategies that I absolutely love:

1) How he uses giveaways to get his initial downloads and ratings;

2) How he studies the newest, top-grossing apps to see what they are doing right.

James Setzer is the Owner and Founder of DreamBuilders Simple Solutions.


04:00 – The advantages to outsourcing: not just for its efficiency and flexibility, it also gives you a keener perspective in your business model.

06:00 – The elements you need to consider when pricing and launching your app in the market.

07:40 – Does your app need to be perfect before launch?

08:48 – The minimum essentials that will and should dictate your product launch for a successful kickoff.

11:22 – Jumpstart strategies that equate to visible results.

13:40 – What are the search-ads strategies that actually work? Are targeted keywords still relevant?

18:30 – Factors to bear in mind when pricing apps and subscriptions that would effectively convert trial users.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Asana
– James’s fav app of his: VPN


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