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Steve P. Young - AppMasters

Steve P. Young – AppMasters


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About the Episode

Coming up is a recording of a course that I did on how I created pre-launch buzz for the launch of my app, oSnap. You will discover the strategies I used to generate over 24,000 views on my content, generate over 100 email addresses and eventually use the buzz to land press on The Next Web.

Steve P. Young is the founder of

Show Notes

Set up a lead capture. This is a landing page or a website used to promote your apps or capture email addresses. My favorite tool is as they already have consumers who visit the site andpeople can sign up as beta testers so its a great way to get feedback early on. If you want your own app presence through a landing page, tools you can use are Launch rock and But whatever landing page or website you want to pick, just ensure that it will allow people to enter their email addresses to learn more about your app.

Find the fish. Find your audience, the people you want to reach. Find the platform or website where your audience is on and learn what resonates with the platform. For mine, they were on Medium and I knew that more personal stories with big technologies were what they went for. Another site that I leveraged on was SlideShare as they already have a baked in audience and you can control when you want your content to be published. Most were marketers and business-oriented consumers so I went with Steve Jobs quotes and talked a lot about design.

Be the shark. When you find your audience, be someone who takes the stand for whatever you believe in. Be the person who draws a line in the sand and says, whether you agree or disagree with me, just do not ignore me. When this happens, people will start promoting your stuff for you because it elicits reactions. You will get lovers and haters so be prepared to take all the feedback.

Let it burn. You created the spark so go promote it by finding groups which are related to your post. Find outlets such a forums in Reddit or Facebook.

After doing all this, do this all over again to create more pre-launch buzz and after that, show it all off! For oSnap, I reached out to the press and showed them my Medium post through effective email strategies and that got me featured in The Next Web.

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