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Problemio – Alex Genadinik

Problemio – Alex Genadinik


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About the Episode

Have you considered monetizing your app through affiliate marketing? Well, today guests tells us about the one type of offer that can skyrocket your commissions and why it works so well within a mobile app. Also, if you’re new to the app space, then listen to the three things you should consider before building your next app.

Alex Genadinik is the founder of Problemio.

Show Notes

Affiliate Marketing Offer That Works

Alex uses affiliate marketing as a monetization strategy but his most recommended way of doing it is to find offers which do not require buying. There are links which will pay you only after a purchase is made but there are some which pays you per CPA. With the latter, your customers will just need to fill out a lead generation form and does not necessarily need to make a purchase and you can already make a commission out of it. It’s easy for them to do and you get the same benefit.

But if you really are looking for affiliate links to sell, just make them super relevant that people would really want it and link to offers which are easy for you to get paid.

3 Considerations Before Building Your App

The three big fundamental pieces that need to play well together in any business are:

  • Product Quality–we have to remember that there are levels of quality which are required for people to enjoy your apps and come back to them so we need to work on the quality of our products if we expect to get the returns we are hoping for.
  • Marketing– those products which are well done and even have the best ASO’s in place still have challenges in competing with multi-million companies. So things which you should ask are: How are you going to get distribute this? Are you going to be able to rank in search? Is the usability going to be fit for a lot of social sharing?
    • Publicity, ASO, Social Sharing : These are the main drivers for downloads so you need to pre-plan to come up with a unique app which can take full advantage of these and ensure you stand out from all the other incumbents. This should be thought of before you start the app rather than after you built it.
  • Finances – some bootstrapped, indie developers release apps and they don’t plan on any monetization at all. If you are not getting funding, it is a must that you should aim to get returns right off the bat.

What advice would you give to anyone looking at building a mobile app?

Plan carefully and get good advice from people who had done it successfully before.

Show Mentions

– Book: Mobile App Marketing And Monetization: How To Promote Mobile Apps Like A Pro

Commission Junction

– Mobile Apps Business Udemy Course by Alex Genadinik


– Fav app: Iron Force: (iTunes | Google Play)


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