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Coming up you will discover Udemy growth strategies from my man, Alex Genadinik. He shares how to white label your Udemy courses for additional revenue, the secret YouTube tag strategy and his 3 sentence business plan.

Alex Genadinik is Founder at Problemio.

Show Notes

The Secret YouTube Tag Strategy

Alex sites one famous YouTuber where, in the recommendation area of her videos, you can see that it’s almost entirely her other videos. It’s not like that for most YouTubers as YouTube recommends other things. She does this by talking about very specific niches and she’s got her videos on playlists. So when people watch one of her videos, people then watch another and then another. This sends a message to YouTube’s algorithms. This is the same strategy that you can use if you want your books to be side by side a popular author. Inside your book, for example, you can feature or promote Tim Ferris so when they are buying your book, they are buying Tim Ferris’ as well.

There is also a secret tag strategy in YouTube where you make up a word which nobody uses elsewhere – SteveABCXYZ, for example. If you put this tag across all your videos, YouTube will think they are all related.

His 3-Sentence Business Plan 

In Alex’s business planning book, he asks people to create a 3-sentence business plan. People would usually come up with a very long one and end up confused. Because of this, he urges them to create this with 3 sentences only: one sentence which will tell people about the product or service, one sentence stating how they will promote it and another for the financials. This then gets translated into a full business plan to guide people in their businesses.

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