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Are you wondering how to make sure you have strong retention and engagement metrics? Well today’s guest tells us how design impacts these numbers and why talking to your users is the best feedback you will ever get. Also, you’re going to discover how he’s landed a feature by both Google and Apple for all the clients he’s worked with and lastly what you need to know when launching in a Latin America market.

Arthur Castro is the Former Head of Product & Design at Former Head of Product & Design at InstaCarro and now Product Lead at Yellow and Co-Founder of Product Arena.

Show Notes

How Design Impacts Retention and Engagement Metrics

Your design can definitely impact your user retention and engagement. In Arthur’s experience, Google is more focus on design so you have to follow the material design and the UI.

On the other hand, on the Apple side, it’s more on integration. They reportedly had the best conversion and retention on iOS with an integration of systems like Spotify. He would show the design to others who found it fun. He advised that you should make your users feel more comfortable with the integration, too.

How to Land a feature by Google and Apple

To land a feature in Google and Apple, one has to reach out to them. You have to tell them that you want to be featured.  For example, you can say, “Hey Google, I’m here and I want to be featured.”

You have to forward your material design to them. They will give their feedback and may order you to do some changes. Just do what they want and submit it back. They will likely feature your app after the process.

Also, let them know the cool features in your app. If you have new integrations with the operational system, let them know about it. This is a great opportunity to talk to them and show them what you are doing.

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