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About the Episode

Today’s guest is the best selling author of mobilized and has held executive positions at Facebook, Trulia and Nokia. She shares a framework for creating successful mobile products which include what she calls the body, spirit and mind rules. She also talks about mobile trends, life after Facebook acquires you, her favorite growth hacking strategy and so much more.

SC Moatti is CEO & Founder at Products That Count and best selling author of mobilized.

Show Notes

Framework for Creating Successful Mobile Products

Our mobile products are extensions of ourselves so to think of the best mobile products, you have to think of your best selves. Thereby, SC used the mind-body-spirit framework to describetheir best selves and therefore, the best mobile product.

  • The body rule – Beauty is a lot of things. Its efficiency, its simplicity, its universality, its emotional and you have to translate all of this into mobile.
  • The spirit rule – We all want to have meaningful lives and meaning comes internally and externally. The same with mobile – we want them to be personalized, to respect our privacy, to work in our community.
  • The mind rule –We want to keep learning and growing as people and it is the same expectation that we have in mobile.

Growth Hacks and Strategies 

For in-person events, SC shares that they grow their audience by ensuring quality of speakers and then raise the bar higher the next time knowing that the better speakers you get, the more demanding your audiences are. They also started to track attendee satisfaction so they can give feedback to their speakers that they can use in their future talks, making it worthwhile for the speakers as well. But the best thing is giving out pizza and beer..this is definitely what attracts them!

SC favorite growth hack is simply: Think outside the box. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Think of a hook that would want everybody to use your product.

Low Point: Her last company, Rendez-Vous Labs, had a lot of things going on for them but they needed more money to hit the next milestone. None of them how to make money at that time so they went on without a clear strategy but after a few months of experimenting, they were lucky to have a company, Facebook, reached out to them and they hit it off.

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