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In 2020, we expect to see mobile user acquisition strategies continuing to become increasingly automated and very different from their more manual antecedents from a few years ago.

Of course, if you’re looking to hire an agency, you perhaps already asked your prospective agency about their track record, their channel expertise and their case studies. While those matter and are important, it’s also crucial to vet your agency or consultant partner from a lens of their readiness for the age of algorithmic marketing.

As the role of agencies and consultants shifts from ‘grunt work’ or heavy lifting to driving creative, audience and event experimentation, it becomes crucial to pick an agency that can support your growth in a manner that is aligned with how the algorithms powering UA platforms like Facebook and Google are evolving.

What does it entail – and how might you evaluate them in this light? Here are a few questions that we recommend asking your prospective digital agency or consultant to gauge if they have a nuanced understanding of what it takes to drive sustained growth in 2020.

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