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Quotely App – Scotty Ruth

Quotely App – Scotty Ruth


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About the Episode

Do you feel like things are moving as fast as you’d like? Well today’s guest took 2 years to build his latest app and he shares how he endured the tough times and key lessons learned along the way. Also, listen to the story of his mistake when building too niche of an app.

Scotty Ruth is the creator of Quotely.

Show Notes

Enduring the Long Road Before Launch

For Quotely, Scotty built the prototype all on his own two years ago and met Alex, his business partner, through his podcast. He and Alex had full time jobs, had kids and needed breaks from time to time though so the timelines kept stretching out prompting them to tap another person to work in the project. For them to get the app out, they had to cut features, boil it down to the essentials and blew the monetization aspect away but it became a blessing in disguise because it was what their users wanted.There were lots of instances where he felt that the project was taking too long and that he wanted to give up but due to their patience, endurance and perseverance, they reached the finish line.

His experience had taught him that if you don’t have the necessary skills, you need to partner with somebody, have an honest look at how long it will take and count the cost before you step in otherwise you will get discouraged very quickly.

Factors to Consider When Building a Niche App

Scotty had learned from his three previous apps which were too niched so he aimed for a bigger audience inhis succeeding apps. He only considers ideas which a lot of people can benefit from and if he feels that not many will be using the app, he will drop the idea and will not give it a second thought.

For his app, Mommy’s Milk, for example, he filtered the possible number of users byruling out non-English speakers, then removing the male gender, then retaining only moms who are iPhone owners supporting a certain version, and lastly knocking moms out who are already experienced which would no longer need the app. He started with researching the relevant population size online then boiled it down one step at a time until he arrived with an addressable market.

What advice would you giveto anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Find a platform, find a community, keep yourself motivated and persevere through it.

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