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Reach - Matt Kaine

Reach – Matt Kaine


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About the Episode

Do you cringe at the thought of sales or marketing because it’s a dirty word? Well, today’s guest talks about the art of non-doche sales and how to do it in a genuine and authentic way. Also, listen to how the company started through an IPO rather than seek funding from traditional investors.

Matt Kaine is the Chief Marketing Officer at Big Rock Labs and founder of Reach.

Show Notes

The Art of Being a Non-Douche Sales Person

One thing that we need to understand is that everyone is a sales person as everyone is selling all the time. The simple things that make a difference when you are selling to anyone are listening, adding value and following up. It would also take you a long way if you build the foundation of eventual friendship and, though it takes time, build trust. Connecting at a human level, treating people with respect, observing and knowing when to exit are also crucial aspects in marketing and selling.

Funding Through IPO

Matt shares that Canadians are conservatives in raising money so Big Rock Labs had come up with an interesting way to get funding. They took the funds which entrepreneurs typically look for from friends and family towards IPO (Initial Public Offering) and they have successfully done this in Canada and Germany. It took them six months and they had to go through different legal procedures but it was a more realistic way to get funding and everything was fluid so investors are more comfortable as they can trade them once they gain value. Through this method, they were able to cover all costs needed to get listed and fund the company until 2016!In doing away with the financial stress and pressure, they were able to really focus on their product.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Do your research extensively; and build your core team, be an army and be ready to go to war.

Show Mentions

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