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Readdle - Denys Zhadanov

Readdle – Denys Zhadanov


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About the Episode

Today’s guest is the Head of Marketing at Readdle, makers of the hit app Spark and Scanner Pro and he shares what’s like being in the App Store since day 1 and how the app market has evolved. Also listen to his tips about reaching out to the press both in the US and Europe.

Denys Zhadanov is Head of Marketing at Readdle.

Show Notes

Reaching 40 Million Downloads with Productivity

Readdle reached 40 million downloads by simply doing productivity products. Truth be told, the developers have tried games but nothing just worked or clicked. Productivity products however answered a real need, real life problems. Always remember the need, improve the product and predict what consumers want so that overall customer experience is totally addressed. With Scanner Pro, for example, the developers came up with an additional feature that was so amazingly simple yet so effective in promotingengagement, usability, and helpfulness to users that downloads just kept on coming! Basically this is just what Readdle did: Put the users first, anticipate their needs, and come up with a product that does all these. Then the 40 million downloads will just take of itself.

The Evolution of the App Market

Denys has been with the App Store since Day 1. He actually conceptualized and helped build Readdle, was one of the 100 developers whose apps were featured in App Store on its launch day. The app was at $15 at that time. Now, most apps are for free. This mental shift in the apps market makes the greatest difference for developers between then and now. Another difference between then and now is that in the good old days, a press coverage from a respectable reviewer could bring thousands of downloads in one day. Today, there are so many respectable reviewers that the effect of positive reviews gets diluted.  In other words, it is so much tougher now.

Reaching out to the American and European Press

Sell the product to the press and if they can see the value of the product or love the product, the rest becomes easier. If a pitch can be done via video, then the better. People just do not want to spend time reading anything anymore. Use videos even in emails. Pitches should always be personalized, but seeing them in person to make the pitch is even better. Even if you do not know them, still, make the message personal. Just give the initial short pitch and ask them for an appointment. For the press people you already have a good working relation with, 100% personalized is even better.  Just keep in mind that whatever message the email may contain it should be short, simple,and direct.

Show Mentions

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