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What’s up! Today, I will be talking about utilizing Reddit for app downloads. For those who aren’t familiar with Reddit, this is a vibrant community full of awesome people who are ready to download your app but the key to marketing on Reddit is to find the subreddit that is the most relevant to your app. I’ll be showing you a subreddit that I absolutely love to run one of my favorite campaigns called “free promotional campaign.” Stay tuned!

How to Promote on the Subreddit

AppHookup – When you are giving away something for free in your app, you can promote it on this subreddit. If you have in-app purchases, discount codes or anything that you’re making free within your app, this is the subreddit that you would want to promote.

You can also search for a subreddit depending on your app. For example, if you have a meditation app, you can go to and search for “meditation.” The results will show you tons of subreddits including the number of subscribers. Choose the one you deem best, for example, for mediattion, I can choose the anxiety subreddit.

Read through all the rules because usually, they don’t want you to promote your stuff. Sometimes, what you can do is interact with others and maybe eventually you will find a subreddit that will allow you to do it.

How to Run Ads on Reddit

You can run very targeted ads on Reddit and get great CPI. Just find the right subreddit, find the right text for your ad and promote your app through there. If you can’t promote within that anxiety subreddit, you can easily run an ad within that subreddit for your app.

If you want a little boost in getting to the top of any subreddit, you can use Social Elves. They guarantee that in any subreddit, you’ll make it to the top three. I used them in the AppHookup and we really saw good results there.

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