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Today’s guest went from accountant to building products at Facebook. You will discover how he raised $1M with just an idea, how he got early traction through Product Hunt and why starting with a focus on the business side will ruin your product.

David Burhenne-Sanderson is the Founder at Reelgood.

Show Notes

Getting Early Traction through Product Hunt

Reelgood got early traction through Product Hunt. When they launched the iOS app, they were number 2 on the day that they launched. They got press from that which seeded their initial base of users. It surprised them how engaged the users were and they took to it more than they had predicted. They filled in a lot of information and invited their friends. It was a movies-only platform though back then and they are conscious of the fact that when they scale, the audience might not react the same way. Due to this, they asked users to key in their source of stream information so they can passively grab that.

Focus on Your Users First

Unless you are solving something that is useful to people, you do not have a business so do not even worry about that until the later stage. Have a plan that you can build into a profitable business but do not use that as your seed. If you are not providing something useful, you will not have users thereby you will not have any data, anyone to advertise to or anything.

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