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Today’s guest has over 20M downloads for his game studio. You will learn how he discovers mobile game niches, what to look for in a keyword and personal growth tips to overcome mental blocks.

Ryan Yada is the Co-Founder and Co-Pilot of Flowmotion Entertainment.

Show Notes

How to Discover Mobile Game Niches

To find a new niche, spend a lot of time in the store, metagame on top of a successful game and start exploring them. Checking out games in soft launch and what’s the high-volume search for a keyword also helps.

For example, the keywords “gardens” and “masteries” are hard to rank for however, if it was a gardening game, those were high-volume keywords with very little competition. In fact, there was a couple of big titles which started to gain a lot of traction and these are something that you should see if you are looking for a new niche.

What to Look For in a Keyword

Once you find high-volume keywords with low competition, be ready to do tons of experiments. You should be willing to make assumptions and test it. Develop a value for a growth mindset.

Test the keyword in the title, app name, metadata or Spanish-Mexico localization. Do tons of test and don’t stop hunting for new keywords in the store. Also, observe what keywords work.

You can also do a reverse engineering and check on how others ar doing things. Just keep on doing lots of experiments.

If you are afraid of something or you feel that something is holding you back, you should recognize it. Being cognizant about this is important because when you’re aware of something, that is the first step in doing something to address it.

For example, when you know that a block exists, that will prompt you to break through. Once you see your inner battle, you can shine the light on it and do something about it.

Show Mention

Fav app: Glympse: (iTunes | Google Play)

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