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What’s up! In this video, I’m going to show you how to respond to your Google Play App Store reviews. Stay tuned!

Why Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews is important because it shows your potential customers that you are active in maintaining your app and it’s a good opportunity to share the developer’s point of view. There are nasty users out there who will leave one-star reviews and by responding to them, you can tell those users your side of the story.

How to Respond to Reviews on Google Play

Get into the Google Play console and click on the app that you want to target. Next, go into User feedback tab and click Reviews. After that, you will see all the reviews of your app and you can easily respond to them.

If you see a critical review, acknowledge it and apologize. For example, if a user is complaining about the app not loading, you can write: “Sorry about that. We are working on an update” then hit “PUBLISH REPLY.” Shortly after that, you will see your reply into the Google Play listing.

Continue to scroll down and respond to other users. You may also respond to positive reviews because that’s a great opportunity to leave the keywords that you want to target in your ASO.

The keywords within your Google Play reviews may actually help you with your actual keyword rankings so you might want to test by replying to these reviews with a few select keywords that you actually want to rank for.  

That’s it! It’s super easy and simple to respond to your Google Play reviews.

See you in the next video!


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