This is NOT like any other event.

Part mastermind... Part workshop... Part family gathering... 

Where REAL relationships are built and breakthroughs happen!

Join us in Barcelona, Spain on June 15, 2019 for this one day retreat that brings successful app entrepreneurs together to trade knowledge, give support and build a community that goes beyond business. 

This event is limited to 8 attendees to ensure the highest quality of founders and an environment where real relationships can be built. 

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Who Attends?

App founders who...

  • Started and sold multiple companies
  • Run multi-million dollar app businesses
  • Have generated over 100M downloads
  • Raised over a million dollars for a new mobile game
  • Runs a $600,000 app business with a team of 2

If you want to connect with amazing app founders, then…

Limited to just 8 attendees

Trade Knowledge & Connect with App Founders

The biggest breakthroughs come when we work on our business not in our business. You will discover the inside secrets and make connections to help you get to the next level.  

Our retreats are structured to ensure that each person shares a strategy that is working today, gives feedback to the rest of group and build lasting relationships.

Each attendee will be required to… 

  • Share a strategy that is WORKING today
  • Share a problem, struggle, or project for feedback from the rest of the group
  • Give advice and introductions to the rest of the group 

Limited to just 8 attendees

Join us in Barcelona, Spain on June 15, 2019 for this one day retreat that brings successful app entrepreneurs together.

Part mastermind... Part workshop... Part family gathering...

Where REAL relationships are built and BREAKTHROUGHS happen.

This event is limited to just 8 attendees. 

Attendees Love Our Retreats

AppMasters is a conference unlike any I’ve ever attended. Virtually all of the attendees are successful mobile entrepreneurs with tens or hundreds of millions of app installs.

The best part was... roundtables with five to eight people, in which each person had a chance to explain their business and get insight from all the other experts around the table.

Everyone learned a ton, and I know for a fact that many of the attendees got insights that fundamentally changed their businesses, putting them on a trajectory for even more success.  

John Koetsier Past Speaker, Mobile Economist at TUNE. Contributor to Forbes, Venture Beat and Business Insider.

App Masters Connect was uniquely small and powerfully connecting, giving us all the opportunity to brainstorm and dive deep with successful app developers and service providers.  

I made industry connections and established relationships that will have a profound impact on me and my business for many years to come.  

Deb Smith Past Attendee, Founder,

App Masters is not another conference. It’s an intimate event where not only the content is carefully curated, but also the attendees!  

Steve creates a dynamic where you get to connect with, and tap the minds of, leading app entrepreneurs and experts who are experiencing (or have experienced) similar challenges as you are and have immense insight and expertise to share. Just as valuable, you get to observe their businesses, help, and gain satisfaction and wider perspective as a result.  

Steve is relentless in ensuring everyone gets amazing value and I seriously highly recommend it!  

Itamar Rogel Past Attendee, Co-Founder, Newsfusion

I made more connections at App Masters Connect than I did at Mobile World Congress. Steve has done a great job of bringing together successful app entrepreneurs and making sure they connect.  

Victor Ricci Past Attendee, Founder, Trend Pie

Limited to just 8 attendees

Past Events

Venice, CA - February 2019

San Francisco - November 2018

Bali - June 2018

Santa Monica - February 2018

Santa Cruz - September 2017

Las Vegas - April 2017

You are just one connection away…

Join us for the most immersive event that will lead to new breakthroughs for your app business.

  • Actionable Workshops See what’s working in the app business from people making it in the app business. 
  • Lunch & Cocktails We will have a catered lunch and a cocktail hour on the day of the event.
  • Mastermind Roundtables Get feedback from app founders on how you can grow downloads, increase sales, and much more.
  • Fun Networking Activities Fun networking activities to break the ice and develop lasting relationships past the event.