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During this talk, I share three approaches to revenue that has helped me grow this very business:

  1. Value First – sometimes we tend to focus too much on data or the outcome that we want instead of veering our eyes towards the value that we are bringing to people. Ask yourself who you are targeting, who your customers are, what is the value of your product you have built. Too many times, we focus on big data and not enough on the ‘who am I really helping’ part. Go to the first base first before doing a home run.
  2. Religious about How to Make Money – when I left my 9-to-5, I had a preconceived plan on how to make money but it all got shattered when a big client left. I was forced to be creative in finding other sources of income – those which were not on my list at first – and this got me through my loans and credit card debts. I learned that there is more than one way to make money and to survive, you must not adapt. I’m an entrepreneur; I’m going to make this work.
  3. Perceived Value – you know how you will make money but the biggest problem that I see in business is finding the perceived value. A $100 course can be cheap for someone but very expensive for another so it’s not really about what you are selling, it’s about how you sell it. The moment that you nail packaging your product the right way, users will just pick the one that you want them to pick. You are now the one making the decision for them.

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