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Are you trying to reach a young audience for your app? Well today’s guest shares what’s worked the best in running Snapchat ads for her events app. Also, you will discover her biggest lesson for scaling an app, why she would NOT be mobile first if she had to do start all over again and why you should test all types of marketing channels to make your app really grow.

Jennifer Roebuck is the Co-Founder & CMO @ REVL

Show Notes

The Biggest Lesson for Scaling an App

Hype, scaling businesses, free and organic growth – these may seem myths but they do happen, but only to a very few. If you are an app whose ecosystem development and growth takes time; and your user growth is the same with client growth and one feeds off the other so you are building them in tandem, scaling will cost you a lot of money. So if you are building an app, your product being a utility will not suffice, it has to really be a viral once which people really need enough for them to share it.

For REVL, their growth was contributed to mix channels especially in social media platforms such Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

Why She Would NOT Be Mobile First If She Will Start Over

If Jen can go back and re-do things, she shares that she will do web first as it is easier to scale. Web has a more nimble infrastructure and it moves faster whereas developing for mobile is complicated. Android, for example, has so many different operating systems which makes it challenging. If you choose the most popular one, you will neglect the other 20% of the user base. Web is straightforward – the web is the web.

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