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Coming up is a coaching call with someone who waited to do the marketing after the app had launched. We discuss app revival strategies, design changes, how to name your app and different growth hacks.

Craig Briggs is the founder of Rice Burger Labs.

Show Notes

App revival strategies

Importance of Design and App Names

Designs are pretty important so to get your look from amateur to professional, find a designer that you would be able to hire such as in sites like 99Designs. Another thing that you should look at is your app name. Figure out what searches people might do for your kind of app. The obvious ones, such as ‘brain teasers’’, will be too competitive so ponder on ones which you might be able to rank well on. For games, the generic ones have really high traffic so you have to find long tail keywords which have volume. You can also think of football teams, movies or anything out of the box.

Growth Hacks

To monetize, you can look running a paid-to-free campaign where you can turn your in app purchases, such as remove ads, to free ones. Ensure that you get press before running this as this is a key aspect in the campaign. I usually reach out to BGR or AppAdvice and it would like if you send screenshots on how to access the free content. Ad rewarded video is also one of the best monetization channel and a natural pause where you can place this is when you die in the game and you want to restart.

In coming up with keywords for ASO, you can also use AppFollow to check out auto suggested terms just to ensure you do not miss out on any potential keywords.

Show Mention

– Zero IQ Test: (iTunes | Google Play)



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