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Recovery Warriors - Jessica Raymond

Recovery Warriors – Jessica Raymond


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About the Episode

How does a self-proclaimed non-technical person launch a mobile app that helps people recover from an eating disorder? Well listen to how today’s guest went through her own eating disorder and launched an app that she wish she had during recovery. Also, listen to her biggest takeaway from not knowing anything about the mobile space to having an app with tens of thousands of downloads.

Jessica Raymond is the founder of Recovery Warriors.

Show Notes

We have a helpful app to feature in today’s show and we have Jessica Raymond, the founder of Recovery Warriors and the brain behind the Rise Up + Recover app to tell us all about it.

Rise Up + Recover is an app to aid people with eating disorders. It is a tool which provides monitoring and management guidance for concerns such as Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, and EDNOS.

Jessica was gracious enough to open up about her own experience about her personal battle against eating disorder. She walks us through her days in high school where she looked as if she got everything together in the inside – sports inclined, always welcome to parties, academically successful – only to feel the opposite on the inside. She shares that the drive to always want to be seen as an achiever triggered her to begin innocent, restrictive diets at first until it she began seeing food as an enemy altogether which led to serious issues.

She had reached her turning point in college with the realization that has to cut herself off from the ball and chain that was dragging her and take back control of her life. And now that she had recovered, she wants to empower people by giving them the tools to recover as well. Jessica also shares to us about:

  • The app development process and the mentoring she received from their developer, Joshua Moody,
  • Interesting features of the app, such as emotions,quotes and motivations, and pdf files which you can export for your therapist to base diagnostics on,
  • How she decides what other features to develop, the support that the app can provide to users and her personal take aways. 

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