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RisingHigh - Kevin Wolstenholme

RisingHigh – Kevin Wolstenholme


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About the Episode

Today’s guest has been featured by Apple 8 times and he talks about game design and what Apple wants to see in their featured apps. Also, you will hear a common theme on what it takes to really make it in the app business or any business for that matter.

Kevin Wolstenholme is Owner / Director – RisingHigh Mobile Limited.

Show Notes

About Apple Featured Apps

Kevin’s gets everything ready before getting the app approved by keeping a checklist. Once the apps is approved, they would send out emails to big gaming sites and reach out to Apple contacts by using one of our very own ninja tip: going through LinkedIn or emailing App Store Marketing or App Store promotion.

For their game designs, they dont copy and they look for design trends. Every Thursday morning, they religiously look at the list in Touch Arcade to view what’s being released to see trends. From looking at the list as well, 95% of the time, they can easily spot the app which will be featured by Apple. The usual characteristics of these featured apps include polished icons, efficiently executed apps, good quality pixel game and unique puzzlers.

What it Takes to Really Make it in the App Business

If you are going to enter this business, you got to decide to go with it and take massive action upon yourself because you need to push forward when you will be down. There will be hurdles but you got to get up and jump through them. Get behind your decisions, focus and kill the day everyday.

The app business had been glamorized but you need to know that for every success story you hear, there are thousands others which fell flat. People will just post the good stuff but work through it. Just go for it and work hard.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Timer: (iTunes)

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