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Today’s guest is the Head of US Sales and BD at Robosoft Technologies, a company that has worked with big brands such as McDonald’s and Disney. He shares how you can use incentives to drive user engagement, analytics tools that you should use and fundamentals of a mobile app’s go-to-market strategy.

NikunjSanghvi is the Head of US Sales and BD at Robosoft Technologies.

Show Notes

Driving User Engagement

User engagement is a very crucial piece and it ties in very closely with the strategy and the design of your app. It is also essential around the retention aspect of your app. Developers spend a lot of amount of effort and cost around acquiring new users so it is rightly important to retain those users. The lifetime value of users should be greater than the acquisition cost so you can reap rewards. Ensure that your app has highly engaged users and it allows for virality, so you will get organically-acquired users rather than those you spend money on.

User engagement should not be thought of as band aid that you will apply after an app goes live. It is best planned right at the strategy phase. The engagement and retention pieces have to be weaved in with the design to ensure delivery of a phenomenally engaging app.

Analytics Tools to Aid You

You need to have a robust analytics and notifications system in place and tools like Mixpanel and Pyze can help. Basic and rudimentary tools such as Google Analytics are also out there but to go a little bit higher, you can use a product analytics tool like Amplitude. This will give you very good insights how and which tools are being used within the app.

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