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Roof Rack Ranger - Mike Kindig

Roof Rack Ranger – Mike Kindig


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About the Episode

Are you just marketing your app within the normal app marketing channels? Well, listen to the grassroots marketing campaign that got today’s guest over his fear of sales. Plus, listen to the approach that today’s guest has about increasing his exposure by creating content for his app website.

Mike Kindig is founder of Think Storm.

Show Notes

Ever drove into your garage and realized too late that you still had gears or cargo strapped in? It sounds embarrassing, not to mention costly, but every bike store that our guest had visited had at least one customer who had committed this mistake – you are not alone!

Our guest today has come up with a way for you to relax when driving home rather than spending all those miles reminding yourself not to collide with your garage doors.  Today, I would like to introduce to you Mike Kindig, co-founder of ThinkStorm LLC, and his handy new app creation, the Roof Rack Ranger.

In this episode, Mike talks to us about details about this app which was launched last July and the following experiences from his journey since:

  • The accident which happened a decade ago which brought about the light bulb moment where the Roof Rack Ranger app idea sprung from,
  • His brother’s, Ryan, contributions from conceptualization to marketing,
  • His adventures during his business card drop-off campaigns, the courage needed to go with it and the scripts and pitches he used to calm his nerves and hit his goals,
  • The concepts and the work poured behind the design, logo, icons and backgrounds of the app and the website,
  • Other unique marketing strategies theyhad applied such as SEO research, Ryan’s forum posts, Facebook marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the website, and Twitter where he had more luck on,
  • The analytics behind his pricing modifications, and
  • The thought process on deciding what features to build in.

I am encouraging rising app entrepreneurs to stay tuned in this podcast episode as we learn from Mike’s personal hits and miss which you may want to apply in your own ventures in future.Listen and learn!

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