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Coming up is a coaching call with the founder of Rooster, an app that allows you to set an alarm with the voice of a friend or an audio clip of your choosing. We talk about how to optimize the onboarding experience, the best growth channels for the app and using ASO to focus on the right category.

Dom Koenig is the Co-Founder at Rooster.

Show Notes

Optimizing the Onboarding Experience

During the first screens, think of adding in an introduction about the app and a video where they can see samples. Place this as optional so the user can just swipe through and they are still in control. In showing them your features, arrange it in categories as well so it is more user-friendly (you can still show them a whole list when they expand the categories) rather than bombarding them on the onset with too much things to go through. Upon determining the most popular category or features, put these in the forefront as well.

App Monetization Channels

Chante’s vision is to monetize by having brands place content in the app and they are cognizant of the fact that it may take time – years, actually. I have shared the challenges in getting big brands to be onboard as they will scrutinize your metrics and shared that if you are trying to make money right now, they can look at rewarded videos, in app purchases or other monetization channels.

Using ASO for Growth 

To get your app out there, one of the first things that you should look at is your app name. For this app, the word ‘alarm’ is really competitive so think about how you will name your app in a way where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Without external marketing, you need to find long tail keywords with decent traffic and low competition to get you those download that you are looking for. Think outside of the box as well, instead of just thinking ‘alarm’, think of words like ‘morning’, ‘habits’ ,etc. or anything creative which your competitors do not have yet.

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