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About the Episode

In this episode you will hear from two indie developers who used a website to get press coverage for their game. We talk about a lot of tools and tricks that you can use for marketing a mobile game.

Piotr Bula is the Independent Business Owner of Rushing Vise.

Szymon Ulewicz is the co-creator of Infektor.

Show Notes

Using a Website to Get Press Coverage 

Piotr and Szymon admitted that they failed at marketing as they were really clueless. They didn’t do enough research, there was no preparation and had shared that on hindsight, they should’ve worked on marketing way earlier that they did. But when they thought that their efforts were wasted, the team was surprised when the biggest downloads that they got happened not on the places that they targeted. So they checked the source of the influx in those places and saw that the press who picked up their app were not in the list that they contacted. This got them perplexed on how they got word of the game and then learned that this was because of their ads in a website.

When they contacted one of the websites that they tapped for press coverage, that is when they learned that they can actually run ads on the website and it was not even as expensive as they thought. So they took this offer and this did more for them than rank in a campaign Chartboost. This was the advertising outlet that they did not even consider at first but did them really well.

Tools Tricks for Marketing a Mobile Game

When I asked Piotr and Szymon how they pitched their app, they have shared that they just used a couple of lines so their pitches were fairly short. But, in contrast to that, they prepared a complete press kit in their website and felt that this was the essential aspect why they got covered. It included the game description, a trailer, logos, images and screenshots and all things which can make it really easy for a person covering their app.

Other things that worked for them include building a Facebook page for announcements and sending their press kits to (a press release aggregator), where they felt the other sites took their press releases from.

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