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Ruvix - Joseph Mambwe

Ruvix – Joseph Mambwe


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About the Episode

Everyone on the web will tell you to start capturing emails. They say that the gold is in the list, but how do you capture emails within a mobile app? Well today’s guest built the framework for his apps and he shares how he generated over 10,000 emails in just a couple of months. Also, listen to his pre-launch strategy to see if others are interested in this email capture framework.

Joseph Mambwe is the Founder and CEO at Ruvix.

Show Notes

Strategies in Capturing Emails and Getting Apps Up Quickly

Joseph has gathered over 10,000 emails within his app, GymStreak Pro, which he learned to code himself after his frustration and the challenges in communicating how he wants to app to turn out. When you make an app free, Joseph knows that it will spark downloads and so he took advantage of the traffic. He built a framework in the app that allowed him to control from his server how ad and cross promotions can appear to his users and what they are doing within the app. He then placed the invitation for email list pop up in different places within the app and the platform will pick the location with the highest conversion rate. He shares his created platform, Cream Kick, in the comments section when people ask about it and in his website for anyone who is interested.

He also shared that he had discipline himself that when he has an idea, he has to act on it right away instead of postponing it. This is exactly what happened to one of his apps, PicFlare, wherein he got the idea when he was on his way to the restroom, coded it right then and there at 2:00am and after four hours, sent it to the AppStore. It went out a week later and it got about 10,000 downloads despite the app being paid.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Learn to create an app because it’s not nearly as difficult as you think it is. It’s just laborious when you get started but once you learn to create, you become flexible.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Snapchat: (iTunes | Google Play)

CreamKick SDK


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