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Today’s guest is a self-taught independent iOS developer who has seen some major wins with his first few apps. You will discover how changing his screenshots led to a significant increase in downloads, the websites he used to learn how to code and finally what “success” really means in life.

Rylan Evans is an independent iOS developer.

Show Notes

How Screenshots led to Downloads

One of the tips he got when he was doing a PR campaign was to throw in some images to his app and even include pictures of his family to make it personal. Sure enough, the picture he forwarded via email was the one which they ended up using in the first article which performed the best. When the article launched,  he had 2k downloads in two days. His time and effort spent on research and in PR had paid off.

Learn to Code on Your Own

Rylan’s background is in process improvement and customer experience but always had the knack of creating and designing things. He took it upon himself to be self-taught and learned that things he know by taking Udemy courses and then moved to Developers and DevMountainboot camps. They can be pricey so remember that you can also get tons of free stuff online especially in YouTube. 

What “Success” Means in Life

Rylan has passionately shared that success is not all about the money and we have to look at the whole picture. Money is not happiness, it’s all about having core values that you believe in which stems to your whole existence. It could intellectual which includes learning new things, or socializing and connecting with people you care about; it could be financial stability as there is indeed an undeniable element of money here; it could be emotional health; or being physically balanced. Take all of these, sum it up or have equilibrium of all these elements and this could be success.

Show Mention

– Fav app: ESPN: (iTunes | Google Play)



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