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Today’s guest shares how he used psychology and a simple design hack to increase yearly subscriptions to 75% of the overall conversions. Plus, you will discover his favorite growth strategy which includes bringing multiple influencers together for a webinar, the email script that he used to connect with Noah Kagan and how to use LinkedIn ads for app installs.

Sajad Ghanizada is the Product leader and Marketer. Check out his website

Show Notes

Bringing Influencers Together

One of Sajad’s favorite growth strategies which he learned from mentors was getting together influencers and helping them grow their business. He realized that it’s a win-win situation as he is providing materials for these influencers for their own brand and on his side;they are promoting the content in their own platforms if they are onboard so they are helping him multiply his efforts. As long as the topic is interesting, professional and something they can provide value on, they are always happy to get together in the webinar. It is free content for them as Sajad gives them a copy of the recording afterwards so for them, it’s free promotional material.

Noah Kagan and how to use LinkedIn ads

It works to get someone in your network to introduce you but Sajad believes that cold email is still the effective way to reach anyone. So what he does to reach out to people is to send them concise mails where he provides value and then includes ask. He connects with people on Twitter, checks out their LinkedIn profiles and because he knows a lot of their content, he knows how to speak with their voice. In Noah Kagan’s case, Sajad read a lot of his marketing material so he shoots him an email with a subject line which says, ‘I copied this strategy…so then, what should I do?’or ‘Read this, here are my thoughts, here are my questions’….

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