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Wondering what will happen if you put incentivized or fake reviews on Google Play? Well coming up we have a coaching call where we discuss how reviews affect your rankings on Google Play. Also, you will discover more ASO tactics related to Google Play including keywords and app icons.

Sapan Agarwal is the creator of Video Watermark 2017.

Show Notes

Putting Incentivized Or Fake Reviews On Google Play

It’s not wrong to encourage users to leave reviews and ratings to your app however, Google may penalize you if you pay your users to leave a review. For instance, doing promos and giving away favors for a review. However, when a user genuinely gives reviews it can definitely boost your ranking so encourage your users to give your app a rating and review. There are applications that you can use for this. In Apple, you can use iOS prompts to remind your users to leave a review and rating.

ASO Tactics for Google Play

Here are some ASO techniques that you should implement on Google Play:

First, make sure that your app name has the keywords that you are targeting. I usually repeat the keywords in the short description and long description. There was one client who jumped from the 16th spot up to the fifth just by using a shorter app name. So instead of using all the 50 characters, I opt for a shorter app name on Google Play to get a higher rank for a particular keyword.

For keywords, I suggest that you focus on the top two or three and repeat it for keyword density. I don’t really use a lot of keywords but I am more inclined to repeat one or two keywords so many times.

For app icons and logos, if you have different applications, I suggest that you use different logos and icons. Of course, you don’t want things to look the same.  Also, this is easy to fix because you can easily get cheap icons and logos.

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