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About the Episode

I’ve used the scrum methodology to better organize and run my business and also my life, so I brought on today’s guest to help us break down this methodology so you can do the same. Most people know Scrum for software development, but we both share ways we’ve used it in our personal lives. Also, listen to the part of the show when he shares how he got one of the co-creators of Scrum to become his mentor and how he cultivates and nourishes his network.

Dave West is Product Owner at

Show Notes

How He Got One of the Co-creators of Scrum to Become His Mentor 

Dave was working on another project when he came across Ken, his co-creator, briefly. He met him again when he was running a consulting organization and they hit it off. Dave got persistent for another meeting and got him to talk to him again. From there, he kept the cadence and they started bouncing ideas and sharing struggles, all the while ensuring that he kept Dave interested until they became good friends. It was a testament of the importance of managing and investing in your network, not relying on Facebook or LinkedIn to maintain connections, appreciating the value of the people in it, and being persistent but likeable. This helps you get better in your craft and also gives you opportunities that you don’t expect. 

Cultivating and Nourishing Networks

Once you have sparked the relationship, cultivating it involves investing time and keeping the people in your network interested so that, in turn, they invest in you too. It’s a two-way street.It’s like a garden which needs nurturing so you need to spend time developing these relationships no matter how busy you are as this is an important aspect of your job.You never know where a new idea can stem from.It involves a certain level of chemistry so sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but you have to give things a try. So you invest, you water that garden.

Show Mentions

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