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Want to know how to easily 3X your valuation? Well, today’s guest shares why having an ethnically diverse team will not only create a more effective team, but also help you 3X your valuation. You will also discover what KPIs to focus on in the beginning, the levers to increase your app’s retention and how to build and launch a successful mobile game.

Chuka Ikokwu is the Founder & CEO at


02:10 – Why companies are earnestly turning things around in favor of a more diverse workforce.

05:30 – Why diversity in the organization is more likely to perform better than the median, as well as increase the valuation 3X more.

06:10 – Does racial diversity carry more impact than gender diversity in the workplace?

07:08 – A more efficient process for choosing a diverse team, which includes the use of AI sourcing.

14:12 – KPIs that should be focused on by startups.

16:33 – The key pillars during game development and onboarding experience that will drive monetization and retention.

18:50 – How to build and effectively launch a mobile game.

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