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Want a quick and easy way to increase in-app purchase and help the world become a better place? Well today’s guest is the founder of Seeds, an SDK where their users are 60% more likely to make in-app purchases. You will discover the origins of Seeds, how she is using an ICO to raise funds and how her improve background changed her perspective on failure.

Rachel Cook is the Founder/CEO at Seeds.

Show Notes

Using an ICO to Raise Funds

Rachel and her team are doing ICO which means that they are selling tokens. They have created their own crypto currency which is now available for purchase. They cost about $.04 and their website is This is an alternate way to raise funding and Rachel feels that this is a way to democratize access to capital. They minted a billion of their own tokens and sold this in their website. The tokens have the utility within the Seeds products’ ecosystem which means an SDK pops a social good opportunity which will resonate to the specific user through your app. Because it’s programmed to present those which they are interested in, they are more 60% more likely to spend in your app. You get a cut as well and once that payment seal is broken, they go on to spend on par with any spender in your app. This can increase revenue in an app as much as 30%.

How Improve Changed her Perspective on Failure

Rachel followed her excitement and curiosity and this included her participation in the improve space. She learned that failure or looking cool – two difficult lessons to learn in the contemporary American culture – doesn’t matter. Pretty much, everybody’s bad at improve at the beginning but just like anything else, if you just keep doing it enough, you get better and it gets really fun. It so liberating to realize that you can be decent in one show out of ten but that doesn’t really matter as you can get up and do it again the next day and it can be a completely different experience.

Show Mention

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