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Coming up, you’re gonna discover how to set up Apple Search ads campaigns for optimal success.

How to Set Up Apple Search Ads Campaigns

For beginners who are wondering how to get started in setting up Apple search ads campaigns, you should consider these things: your budget and how much time you have to manage it.

You can go with the starter route, which is enough for most who spend a few thousand a month. If you are spending tens of thousands a month, you have to go to the more advanced route.

Basically, for Apple search ads, you’ve got a broad match that gets you really broad coverage of all the search terms that people are searching every day. This search match is a good way to start because it gets you a wide net that captures all the search terms without having to do a lot of effort.

You also want to add an exact match campaign where you have exact match keywords. If you’re bidding five dollars for that then you know that you’re going to pay up to $5 for that exact keywords.

Over time, use your search match campaign and look through the search terms and pull all those search terms that you want to bid over into your exact match campaign; and add them as negatives to your search match campaign. This way, when somebody searches for that term and it’s going to your exact match, you can pay enough for it to get traffic.

You might also want to have a brand campaign just to do some brand defense. The app results in iOS and searches are huge and they may take up two-thirds of the screen. So if you’ve got the competitors coming in and showing ads on top of your organic results, there will be a surprising number of people who are just gonna click on that first result. You might lose some keywords if you have some downloads of your brand.

On the more advanced side, you can structure things into tiers. You can have ad groups that have your highest LTV for those users in your exact match and use the CPA goal to bid a little bit higher and use a very high bid to make sure you’re giving the algorithm enough room to bid highly for those keywords that you really have good LTV.

You might have tier 1 LTV where your bid is very high. You might have a tier 2 where your bid is medium and your LTV is medium and a tier 3 where you LTV is a little bit lower because you want traffic but don’t want to pay as much for it. These things are on the more advanced type.

How to Distribute the Budget Between Broad Match Versus Exact Match

You’d want a kind of waterfall or as much budget as you can to the exact match. If you have $1,000 a month and you can spend all of that for the exact match then that’s great.

Over time you’re gonna build more keywords in exact and you will spend more budget, but if you’re just starting off you might allocate $250 towards exact match and the rest of your budget towards the broad and search match. If you’re capping out of budget on the exact match you can raise it up to $300 then to $350 and see how much you can spend on exact match.

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