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Coming up is a coaching call with the creator a Jewish music streaming where you will discover how to find new keywords for a niche app, how to optimize your app title and subtitle and finally my favorite growth hack for a subscription app.

Issac Grunwald is the Co-Founder of ShiraLi.

Show Notes

Finding New Keywords for a Niche App 

I advised Isaac to target all things Jewish. An easy win, for example, is ‘Jewish Calendar’ as it is showing as high traffic and low competition. I shared that even if this is not within their category, someone who is looking for a Jewish calendar will most probably be interested in a Jewish music streaming app as well.

Optimizing Your App Title and Subtitle

I suggested an idea for the app to be called Jewish Music by ShiraLi to utilize high performing keywords in the app name. We did not change the name of the app but we can place certain words before it. If you really want to stick with your app name, you can leverage on the Spanish-Mexico localization and have the second app name in there. So ShiraLi can be the app name in the English AppStore and then Jewish Music by ShiraLi would be the name in the Spanish Mexico localization. No one can see it but you are already optimizing the keywords for the US market.

My Favorite Growth Hack for a Subscription App

If you do a 7-day trial, you can run what I call the paid-to-free campaign. It is very essential that you get press for it for your efforts not to go to waste. To do this, you can pitch AppAdvice and BGR. I have observed that AppAdvice is a greater app download driver so again, make sure to reach out to them they cover this 7 days a week.

Show Mention

ShiraLi: (iTunes | GooglePlay)

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