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Shoto - Sachin Dev Duggal

Shoto – Sachin Dev Duggal


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About the Episode

You know that feeling you get when someone likes your photo on Facebook or retweets you on Twitter. Well it’s called the dopamine effect and today’s guest talks about how he found the core features to add that same sensation to his product. Also, listen to the great advice that he would give his younger self.

Sachin Dev Duggal is the Co-founder & Chief Wizard at Shoto.

Show Notes

Core Features which Can Bring About the Dopamine Effect

  • Have a vision to connect people with people toplaces – memory is an unreliable storage bank. At the rate people take pictures in this digital world, there comes a point when who-was-with-whom in this so-and-so place at such-and-such a time get jumbled and confused. Sachin’s app, Shoto, does away with this confusion. It groups pictures with the people who were at a certain place or event and puts them in an album. Then it allows for safe, private and totally controlled sharing.
  • Guarantee private sharing – the emphasis here is on “private.” Shoto focuses on the security that only the people a user chooses will actually see the photos. It does away with the reservations a user may have of sharing photos on social media. Shoto makes it easy for users feel comfortable with sharing photos because they are confident and 100% sure that only the people they have chosen will see the photos.

A Word to Young Entrepreneurs:

Sachin shares: “Building motivation can be an expensive endeavor. Go for the latent motivation.” His equation of the psychology of getting the desired behavior is B = MAT(Behavior = motivation + ability + trigger). Behavior comes together when 3 things happen: motivation, ability and trigger.

There is no instant motivation for sharing , for example, in Shoto. It is, however, the main core feature of Shoto. Its motivation is latent. It is at the receiving end. If somebody requests for all the photos taken by a companion on a trip and in return, this somebody shares his own photos, this is the latent motivation. Then the end result is the dopamine effect of both people getting all the pictures of that trip.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Evernote: (iTunes | Google Play)


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