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Coming up is a coaching call where you will discover monetization strategies for a game and the simplest way to drive downloads on a budget. Also, you will discover how to find new keywords for a highly competitive game category.

Andy Collon is the creator of Simblocity.

Show Notes

Driving Downloads on a Budget

The easiest way to monetize is through rewarded video and if you want to drive downloads the easiest, no-budget way to go is the paid-to-free campaign.  You basically make your in-app purchases free for a day or two and get press for it. It is essential to get press coverage as bots will not pick it up unlike the traditional way when you make your apps free.

Finding New Keywords for Highly Competitive Game Category

Look at ASO and find different keywords especially if the category you are on is competitive. Think of who your target audience are, what they are interested in, what other apps will they be searching for, and how can you get them to stumble upon your app. Know that they are not going to deliberately search for your app name (unless you are running ads or campaigns) so hack the system and think of other terms you can use to drive downloads. For Andy’s app, I suggested looking at keywords for different types of shapes because of how his game works. I advised to look at words which have good search volume and low competition.

You can also use App Annie and Apple Search Ads:

  • Go to App Annie, put in your app name, go under Keywords and you will see the keywords that you rank well on.
  • Go to Apple Search Ads, create a campaign for your particular app and you will see that they will recommend keywords. Just hit ‘add keywords’ to see more and more words which you can throw to Mobile Action and Sensor Tower to see their ranking in terms of competition and traffic.
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