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We all know the basics in monetization – rewarded video, ensuring people are engaged, in app purchases, etc. – but if you want something more, this is an episode to watch. I converse with Kevin Wolsten holme from and he shares a little ninja tip that we can all try out. It comes with a caveat that some bad press came out of it but it did tremendously well when it came to ad revenue.

Kevin shares that they always go for free-to-play for casual games. He mentions that the danger here is that people tend to over complicate things so stick with the usual strategies that you know because it works. At one point though, they had stumbled into a sneaky hack when access to their rewarded video came in the form of the ‘Refresh / Restart’ button by mistake. Every time users wanted to restart the game, they pressed the video thinking this is how you restart the game when all the while, they were actually pressing the button to play the video. Because of this, a lot of people were led to view the rewarded video. It wasn’t deliberately designed to be as such but they made a ton of money off that despite the backlash stating users need to watch a video before they get to play the game. The money softened that blow.

So if you have a lot of traffic, you are trying to make money and just don’t care about the rest, you can design your rewarded video’s Play button to look like the Restart / Refresh button. This is thinking outside the box but do not use this unless you want to play with fire!



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