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Simple Programmer-  John Sonmez

Simple Programmer- John Sonmez


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About the Episode

Are you a developer who hates the thought of marketing because it represents some used car salesperson? Well today’s guest is a software developer himself and he shares actionable tips on how developers can better market themselves. Also, listen to his advice about building a resume that can land you your dream job.

John Sonmez is the founder of Simple Programmer.

Show Notes

How to Market Yourself 

Software developers do not try to market themselves and completely had just written it off because it had gained a bad name. So first, developers need to know what good marketing is: it’s giving away 90% of your work and charging it for only 10%. It is giving a whole bunch of value and just asking for a small amount back.

John shares that the key is for developers to understand that they need to market themselves. How to talk, how you dress, what you do, how your webpage looks — all these thingsare your brand, this is how you market yourself. The number one mistake is not caring for all of these and not realizing that is really important to your career. Combine skills and marketing as your multiplier and you are going to reach more people and land more success.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Resume Writer 

John’s advice is to have a professional writer write your resume because your resume is an ad of yourself. We do not have extensive experience in writing resumes and first impressions have such powerful effects in marketing that we have to hire a professional to do it as they can do better in painting ourselves as opposed to doing it on our own. You will get more call backs for interviews this way and therefore, will have more opportunities in landing your dream job.

Show Mentions

– Book: How to Win Friends & Influence People

– Book: Think and Grow Rich

– Fav app: Dog Catcher: (iTunes)

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